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Stella & Throne Soapery

All-Natural Soap Dish and Sisal Luffa Set

All-Natural Soap Dish and Sisal Luffa Set

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This set includes (1) All-Natural Wooden Soap Dish and (1) All-Natural Sisal Luffa

All-Natural Wooden Soap Dish

Product Description: Pair this ladder-style wooden soap dish with a bar of soap for the perfect set! The open design allows excess water to drain from your soap, extending the life of your artisan soap bar. 

Material: Schima Superba Wood (an evergreen family)

All-Natural Sisal Luffa

Product Description: Pair this all-natural sisal luffa with a bar of soap or sugar scrub for the perfect set! One side of the pad is sisal, and the other side of the pad is terry cloth.

Material: Sisal and Terry Cloth

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