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Turmeric Sugar Scrub

Turmeric Sugar Scrub

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Product & Scent Description: A perfect all-over exfoliating turmeric sugar scrub made with organic sugar. This special blend will exfoliate and refine your skin's texture in one easy step leaving you with a soft sensual glow. A powerful formula containing turmeric, organic sugar crystals, coconut oil, and ground walnut shell. Scented with a soft blend of citrus, spice, and jasmine.

What It Does: Our Turmeric Exfoliating Sugar scrub is an all-natural exfoliate and humectant that moisturizes and brightens skin. Turmeric is one of our favorite ingredients as it contains so many skin-loving beneficial properties! Turmeric comes from the Curcuma longa plant, which grows in India and other Southeast Asian countries. It has been known for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help aid multiple skin conditions that include acne, acne scarring, and it can even help aid control of psoriasis flares.

Why You'll Love It:
  • Artisan Handmade
  • Infused with the good stuff (Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Hemp Oil)
  • No sulfates, parabens, or artificial dyes
  • Packaged in 100% recycled material, that's just so pretty

Key Fact: Exfoliation is the key to glowing, healthy skin and our Tumeric Sugar Scrub is invigorating and luscious! The healing and hydrating properties found in our body scrubs are perfect for all skin types. Handcrafted with naturally nourishing, skin-loving oils, pure sugar cane, and pure essential oils. Using a body scrub weekly can help improve the look and feel of your skin by unclogging pores and polishing your skin for an even complexion! Promotes better circulation, Removes dead cells to promote a radiant, polished glow, and leaves your skin feeling baby smooth. This special blend will cleanse, exfoliate and refine your skin's texture in one easy step leaving you with a soft sensual glow.

Directions: Gently apply to clean wet skin in a circular motion, concentrating on dry patches and rough areas of your skin. Avoid using the scrub on sensitive areas, in cuts, or on the skin that is irritated or sunburned. Thoroughly rinse with warm water. To avoid wasting scrub and water, we recommend turning off the water in your shower while using the scrub. After you have massaged the scrub on your body, turn the water back on and rinse. *Please keep in mind that Turmeric is highly pigmented and can leave a slight orange tint. Of course, this is all-natural and will absorb into your skin within a few hours. We recommend using this scrub at night.

Product Size: 4oz and 8oz

Product Ingredients: Turmeric, Organic Sugar Crystals, Coconut Oil, and Ground Walnut Shells.

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